Manufacturer Product range Products
Aavid Thermalloy Thermal Heat sink, DC Fan, thermal interface material, liquid cooling
Abiko Connectors Wire crimp terminals
ABLIC Semiconductors Battery back protection, Sensors, Regulators, CMOS technology
Adda Thermal AC and DC fans and blowers, Thermal Management Products, heat sinks
Amic Technology Semiconductor Flash memory
Analog Power Semiconductor Fetit
Antenova Antennas Chip antennit
AT&S Printed Circuit Boards HDI Rigid, FPC and rigid-Flex PCBs
Attend Connectors, cable assy Connectors
Bellwether Connectors Connectors & Cables
Bergquist Thermal Thermal interface materials, aluminium and copper printed circuit boards
Beyondoor Antennas Antennas
Broadlake Thermal Heat sinks, Sheet metal enclosures, plastic products
Brotechs Fiber Optics CDWM and DWDM products
CCP Contact Connectors Pogopins, Test pins
Chang Sung/Donghyun Thermal The heat transfer materials, EMI Ferritemats, Shielding mats
Chefree Displays TFT displays and touch panels, integrated display modules
Cvilux Connectors Connectors & Cables
Dai-ichi Seiko Connectors Connectors, LVDS Connectors , RF Connectors
Data Image Display TFT displays and touch panels, integrated display modules
Datavision Displays TFT displays and touch panels, integrated display modules
Deca Switchlab Connectors, Switches Screw terminals,Pushbuttons, Switches, DIN Rail Terminal Blocks
Delta Electronics Thermal, Connector, Passive DC Fans, Heat sinks, EMI filter
Don Connex Connectors Connectors & Cabel assemblies
Dong Ya Electronics Passives Power shunt resistors
E-ink Display E-Paper display
Eldoled Drivers High end dimmable LED drivers
Elpress Connectors Wire terminals
Entertec Connectors RF Connectors, RF cabel assimblies
EOS power Power Power supply
Euroquartz Passives Xtal
Faratronic Passives Film capacitors
Fastron Passives Inductive , mechanics
Feuerherdt EMI/EMC/RFI Shielding Electrical Shielding products
Figaro Sensor Gas sensors
Flexconn Connectors FFC cables
Folsgaard Fiber Optics Blow fiber
Fulham Power AC/DC LED driver
Gigacom (XGIGA), CTC Union Fiber optical & Switches Transceivers and Media converters
Golden Bridge Electech (GBE) Connectors MicroCoax Cable aseemblies, Ipex cabel assemblies
Hainan Quinghuo LCD Display LCD
Higgstec Touch Panels Resistive and capasitive touch panels
Hirose Connectors Connectors
Holystone Passives Ceramic capacitors
IBE Electronics Printed Circuit Boards 2L-10L standard PCB, Flex and rigid-flex
I-pex Connectors Connectors, LVDS Connectors , RF Connectors
Isocom Semiconductor optoerottimet, optoreleet
ITW Formex Mechanics Electrical insulation materials
Jantek Passives inductive components
Jianghai Passives Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors
Joymax Special Products Antennas
KDS Daishinku Passives Clock crystals and oscillators
Kelag Sensor Sensor module
Khatod Optics Lenses, reflectors
Kinwong Lämmönhallinta Alumiini13
Knowles Passives Microphones
Lantronix Semiconductor Ethernet controllers
Lattron Passives NTC- ja PTC Sensors, EMI filtters
LDS System Thermal Heat sinks
Lexan Mechanics electrical insulation materials
Linear Systems Semiconductor Audio FET, Transistors
Link-PP Connectors, Passive Ethernet RJ Connectors
Luminus Devices Semiconductor LED
MAC8 Connectors PCB connectors
MEAS-TE Passives Temperature sensors
Meccal Thermal Heat sinks
Modulehouse Displays LCD displays
Morethanall Connectors Connectors, FFC Cabels
Murata Sensor Sensor
Myrra Passives inductive components
New Grand Tech Connectors FFC Cabels
Nextron Connectors Connectors DIN41612, EuroConnectors, 2mm HardMetric
NIC Components Passives Capacitors, inductors, +
Nichifu Connectors Wire crimp terminals
Optech Technology Fiber Optic, Telecomm. Fiber Optic, High-speed cables etc
ParaLight Mechanics  
Perlos Connectors Connectors DIN41612, EuroConnectors
Peteric Chefree Display TFT displays and touch panels, integrated display modules
Pewatron Sensor Sensors
Plessey Semiconductor LED
Precision devices Passives Xtal
Promate Displays AUO TFT displays and touch panels, integrated display modules
Quectel Wireless Semiconductor GSM GPS module
Raltron Passives x-tal
Rogers Corporation Mechanics electrical insulation materials
Salecom Switches,  Tact- and Dip-switches
SEIKO SII Passives Crystal Quartz, Lithium-Ion batteries. Back Up batteries
Sensolute Sensor Vibration sensor
Shinagawa Shoko Connectors Assessories for cables & PCB
Shin-Etsu Thermal Thermal interface materials
Sinbon Electronics Connectors Cable assembly
Smart Newark Semiconductor Muisti modulit
Smartec Sensor Temp- humidity, pressure
SOCAA corporation Connectors RF Connectors, Antennas, RF Cabels
Sumitomo Connectors FFC Cabels, McroCoax Cabels
Sunny Boom Thermal Thermal interface materials
Super Pilot Connectors Connectors, Cable assembly, RF
T.C. Shielding EMI/EMC/RFI Shielding Electrical Shielding
TA AN Electric Connectors Power cords
Taitien Passives Crystals, Oskillators
Taiway Elec. Comp Switches,  Anti-Vandal, tactile switches, push buttons etc
T-Global Technology Thermal Thermal interface materials
Tocana Mechanics Eristeet, tiivisteet
Triotronik Connectors Patch Cables Category 6 and 6a
Truly Semiconductors Displays Passive LCD and TFT displays, touch panels integrated, OLED
TRXcom Connectors, Passive Ethernet RJ Connectors
Uni-Home Industry Corporation Thermal Thermal interface materials
Universal Microelectronics co. Fiber Optic, Power etc Active Optical Cables
Valukumpu Connectors Connectors DIN41612, EuroConnectors
WCFO Fiber optic FO Pigtails and Patch Cords and adapters
Winstar Displays Passive LCD and TFT displays, touch panels integrated, OLED
Wireless tag Semiconductor Wifi, bluetooth, zigbee, Lora
Visionox Displays OLED displays
XGIGA Fiber Optic Telecom transceivers

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