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Hirose IX-industrial connector now available                       

Hirose have released new compact industrial ethernet connector series to replace old RJ45. IX-series have Cat.5e(1Gbps) and Cat.6A(10Gbps) high-speed Ethernet performance.


  • Compact
    • The ix Industrial offers a reduced size of 75% compared to conventional RJ-45 modular solutions. This size reduction allows for reduced installation space.
    • The receptacles allow for a parallel 10mm pitch mounting for daisy-chaining in compact units contributing to size reduction of end use products.

  • Robust
    • HIROSE's unique shell design offers a high PCB retention force. High cable pull-out force and wrenching force delivers a durable plug cable connection.

  • High EMC Resistance
    • Optimized shielding design guarantees high EMC resistance to secure safe data transmission.

  • High Data Rate Transmission
    • Cat.5e(1Gbps) and Cat.6A(10Gbps) high-speed Ethernet performance.


 Please check the video 










  • Factory Automations & Robotics
  • Data Center
  • Security System
  • Tranportation


For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Mr. Heikki Heinonen
Technical sales, Connectors and Cable Harnesses
+358 207 981 132
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