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Seiko SII Power Sequencer S-77100/77101 Series

This series is specially designed to assure a stable startup of systems using microcontrollers, FPGA ( Fiel programmable Gate Array) or SoC (System On Chip) with multiple power supply pins.

Series *Enables easy control of the power sequence only by connecting an external capacitor *Minimizes the load to a power source due to the low current consumption of 3,0µA typ. (in a stable status). *Various selectable options such as input/output form to meet your diverse needs.

Item S-77100 S-77101
Method to control on/off sequence

One Input signal

(ON pin )

Separate input signals

(ON pin, OFF pin )

Number of channels 4 channels 3 channels

Current consumption
3.0µA typ. (off period / power-good period, Vdd=3.3V, Ta=+25 C )
Operation Voltage Range 2.2 to 5.5V
Operation temperature range Ta = -40 to +85 C
Order of enable output can be selected reverse type forward type

Number of Charge and discharge times

for external capacitor (Cdly) can be selected

2 times / 4 times / 8 times / 16 times
Input level (ON pin, OFF pin) can be selected Schmitt trigger input, comparator input
Output form (ENBL_x pin ) can be selected CMOS output, Nch open-drain output
Output logic (ENBL_x pin) can be selcted Active "H" , Active "L"





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