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Elgood Oy acquires Partco Oy

Elgood Oy and Partco Oy have agreed merging of the companies and PARTCOcreating a concept of services including ecommerce, shop and b-to-b commerce.

Elgood Oy has acquired full share capital of Partco Oy. Partco Oy will continue business under the name Partco in Partco web store and shop.  As merged into Elgood Oy the resources of Partco Oy will grow enabling development of business processes and improving customer service. Elgood customers will also receive the services of a web store.

Partco Oy shop is currently located in Pohjois-Haaga, Helsinki. The shop will move into new spaces with convenient location in Elgood office building in Malminkaari 10, Helsinki.


Partco Oy Website

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