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Winstar TFT LCD Module - Q Series Family                  

Winstar has introduced  TFT Q Series Family which key feature is having the same 36-pinout interface connector on all TFT module sizes. Q Series TFT module Family includes 3.5 inches, 4.3 inches, 5.7 inches, 7.0 inches, 8.0 inches and 10.2 inches TFT modules. 

The Q Series modules are derivative products from the Winstar existing standard TFT modules.

Winstar Q series is supported with Solomon SSD1963 which has the traditional inputs and drive TFT by VESA signal. Therefore, the customers don’t need T-COM circuit on board. Winstar has integrated all functions including TFT connection, backlight driver, and touch panel into only one connection. Below are the key advantages.

Key Advantages of TFT Q Series

  • All Q Series modules are integrated with 36 pin-out connector on SSD1963 controller board and all connectors are the same direction.
  • All Q Series modules fit both 8 bit and 16 bit parallel interface options.
  • The pin no. 33 ~ 36 already defined as backlight supply.
  • Built in backlight driver IC, all Q series TFT displays can be driven by 5.0V (3.5” and 4.3” also support 3.3V).  The customers do not have to change the backlight driver circuits while change the TFT module sizes.
  • The 5.7”, 7.0”, 8.0” and 10.2” Q Series are allowed to design “Sleep Mode” to close BIAS(VGH, VGL, AVDD) low power consumption mode.
  • Resistive Touch Screen options are available for all Q Series display, and 4-Line signal (X1 ,Y1, X2, Y2) can be input from 36pin connector.
  • Capacitive Touch Screen options are available for all Q Series display, and the I2C read/write protocol can be input from 36pin connector.

High brightness, full viewing angle versions available as well, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

WF70Qfront  WF70Qback


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