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Hirose Automation connectors

Hirose has released full range of aconnectors for Automation applications

PQ Series, High Voltage, Power Supply Connector   -600V 7A 20pin, The connector range consists of cable plugs and in-line or panel mount receptacles.The cable clamp strength is 98N minimum. A coding key system is available that allows multiple key variations to prevent mis-insertion. Applicable cable size AWG16 to 18 equivalent to UL1015

PQ open CS2014PQ open FP

EM35-W Series, 50A High Current Capacity, IP68 Waterproof   - Circular250VAC/DC 50A 4pin Bayonet The innovative connector design incorporates three 50A power contacts and one ground contact. The contacts are arranged in sequence to ensure the ground contact is connected before the power contacts during the mating process. The special one touch bayonet locking mechanism securely locks the mated connectors quickly and easily.Correct mating is confirmed with an audible tactile click.

EM35 CS2012

EM35-W Data Sheet

EM Series, 50A High Current Capacity, Power Supply Connector   - 500VAC/DC 50A 4pin to 35mm DIN rail Cable size: AWG8 & AWG10 The connector housing features integrated hooks which allow the receptacle to be mounted on to a 35mm DIN rail to offer design flexibility. The connector can withstand high mechanical stress, up to 200N of cable pull force (pulled vertically) can be applied. The robust snap-on lock provides secure mating with an audible tactile click to confirm correct engagement.

EM35-W CS2012

 EM CAT2014-FP

EV1 Series, High Current, Waterproof Connectors for Power Supplies   - 180A 3pin IP68. The connector plug accepts cables with a conductor size of 20mm2 - 26.6mm2 The receptacle can accept a 3mm thick BUS bar connection which is secured with standard M6 bolts. The receptacle features unique contacts with crown shaped multiple contact points to decrease contact resistance and to resist against vibration. The waterproof structure of the connector is IP68/IPX9K compliant. This is achieved through strategically placed oil and weatherproof gaskets to prevent any water intrusion. An excellent shielding structure is provided through the secure connection of the cable, shell and panel for EMI prevention.

EV1 CS2012

EV1 cat FP


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