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Do you dispense 2K epoxies or TIM materials? This is for you!

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New advanced bracket for better dispesing

Nordson EFD has delevoped a new type of advanced bracket for dispensing 2K-epoxies and TIM-material more precise way without any drooling or dripping. The former systems have been suffering from dripping after stopping the dispensing with certain materials. This has caused some extra cleaning or even ruining the whole product before it goes forward in production.

The new bracket is equipped with external solenoid with advanced y-valve that stops the leakage after the dispenser is stopped. Bracket fits perfectly to Nordson Desktop robots.

Easy uprage and installation

As almost every Nordson EFD product this bracket is also an easy upgrade. The package includes every necessary component and hose to get started. Equalizer 2K tool for dispesing 50ml side by side cartridges can be attached in place with quick connection and it takes only few seconds. All other adjustment is also done in relatively short time. You can use this tool with standard tips and also the tapered tips as well.

Should we test?

You can find this brand new bracket in our well equipped demo room at Elgood. We’re glad to discuss further about your dispesing applications alongside the demonstration. If you are interested in adhesives, sealants etc. we can help you with that as well.

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.

Timo Torvikoski

Product Manager
Dispensing, Chemicals and Raw cables
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