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Arduino® PRO™ – Edge IoT Technology

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Arduino® Pro™

The Arduino® Pro™ product family meets industrial requirements, and provides a comprehensive environment for the development of IoT solutions. This product family includes Portenta development boards, Nicla modules and lots of accessories and kits.

Programming takes place with already familiar Arduino® IDE, CLI or in the Arduino® Cloud for Business cloud service, where device management is easy and efficient.


Arduino® is well known especially by electronics enthusiasts and companies using it to prototyping. The Pro series has been developed in accordance with industry requirements, and features include high performance, wide temperature range and versatile connection options. There are plenty of applications, for example in industrial automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence and machine learning applications.

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Introducing Portenta H7 / X8 / Hat Carrier and Nicla modules

Portenta H7 specs:

  • Microprocessors: STM32H747 Cortex M7 480MHz & Cortex M4 240MHz
  • 8MB SDRAM / 16 MB QSPI
  • Secure element microchip
  • Operational temperature: -40℃ 85℃

Portenta X8 specs:

  • SOM (System-On-Board) Linux OS (Yocto) preloaded onboard
  • Microprocessors: NXP® i.MX 8M Mini Cortex®-A53 quad-core, up to 1.8GHz per core + 1x Cortex®-M4 up to 400MHz
  • STM32H747XI dual-core Cortex®-M7 up to 480Mhz + M4 32 bit Arm® MCU up to 240Mhz
  • 2GB Low Power DDR4 DRAM / 16GB Foresee® eMMC
  • Secure element microchip
  • Operational temperature: -40℃ 85℃

Nicla Vision specs:

  • The Portenta Vision Shield provides machine vision capabilities and additional connectivity to the Portenta family boards.
  • Tiny form factor: 22.86 x 22.86 mm
  • 2MP color camera, supports TinyML, 6-axis IMU, microphone and distance sensor
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity
  • Standalone when battery powered

Nicla Voice specs:

  • Powerful processor with integrated Deep Neural Networks in a tiny form factor (22.86 x 22.86 mm)
  • Integrated microphone, magnetometer and smart 6-axis IMU
  • Onboard Bluetooth® Low Energy connectivity
  • Standalone when battery powered
  • Compatible with Portenta and MKR

Nicla Sense specs:

  • Tiny size, packed with features
  • Add sensing capabilities to existing projects, like motion, pressure, humidity and temperature
  • Robust hardware including industrial-grade sensors with embedded AI
  • Bluetooth® 4.2
  • Standalone when battery powered

Arduino® Portenta Hat Carrier specs:

  • Portenta Hat Carrier is a reliable and robust carrier that adds Portenta H7, X8 or C33 compatible with Raspberry Pi® Hats and cameras.
  • Quickly access CAN, USB, and Ethernet peripherals
  • Leverage onboard MicroSD card to log data
  • Enjoy simple debugging through the onboard JTAG pins
  • Easily control actuators and read sensors via 16x analog I/Os
  • Leveraging the onboard camera connector for machine vision

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.

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