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ELGOOD – Custom lighting solutions

Näyttökuva 2023 05 30 093420


From early thoughs to complete lighting solution

Our range of customized lighting solutions has expanded. We are focusing more towards custom lighting fixture solutions. Our technical sales team can help your designers from early project stage through the whole project to get the best possible solutions. 

Have you been looking for help with your lighting design? Do you need fast samples and flexible partner? Need some special certificates? How about the drivers, are there any available with my specification?

We got you covered:

  • Wide range of standard profiles and flexible customization possibilities
  • White, RGB, RGBW, RGBWW or single colors, we got them all
  • Paired with suitable drivers
  • Certifications available for all major industries worldwide

Besides customized lighting our standard LED portfolio have good coverage.

  • Wide wavelength range (265nm-940nm)
  • High power chips, drives up to 30A
  • High efficacy LEDs
  • Wide COB range
  • Custom LED modules
  • Optics
Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.

Give us a call and lets discuss more about your project needs.

Joonas Holviala

Technical Sales
LED solutions, Power supplies,
Thermal management & Mechanics 
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