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HIROSE - Industrial connectors DF51K-serie & LF-serie

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DF51K Series, 2 mm Pitch, Robust Lock, Wire-to Board Connectors

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer in connectors, introduced the DF51K series of robust Wire-to-Board Connectors for applications requiring more strength and durability.

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DF51K connectors feature a center lock design that allows the connectors to be placed sideby-side to save space on the board. The mating operation is user-friendly, and a clear tactile click confirms secure engagement and a reliable connection.

These connectors feature a strong contact lance strength which increases the contact retention in the housing and prevents the contacts from pulling loose if the cables are wrenched.

Furthermore, DF51K is polarized through the use of guide keys to prevent incorrect mating.

Key Features

  • Contact pitch 2.00mm
  • Space saving center lock with tactile click
  • Rated current 3A
  • Rated Voltage AC/DC 250V
  • Operating temperature range[°C]: -55 to +105
  • Number of contacts 2-6pin (one row) , 4-30pin (two rows)
  • Contact plating specifications: Gold, Tin
  • Termination AWG: 22-30
  • Termination type: Crimp


A wide range of applications are suitable such as industrial machinery, medical devices, smart meters, industrial robots, and many others.


LF Series, IP68 Rated Waterproof, Shielded Circular Connectors

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HIROSE has an established reputation in the industry for quality, reliability, and leading-edge technology. Recognizing the rapid and challenging technological developments in the field of electronics, HIROSE has introduced smaller yet better performing connectors.

The LF series consists of robust, compact, bayonet locking, circular connectors. The versions available are cable mount plugs, panel mount receptacles and cable mount jacks for in line connections.

The connectors feature an electrically shielded structure that utilizes springs built inside of the housing structure. These ensure secure connections between the shielded cables, plug shell and mated receptacle guaranteeing high shielding performance.

Waterproof gaskets are placed at each internal joint to prevent water intrusion into the connector to guarantee IP68 rated water resistance.

The simplified assembly procedure allows the waterproof gaskets to be sealed and the cable and shielding to be clamped simultaneously by the tightening ring, this reduces the components needed and the assembly costs and time.

 Key Features

  • Shell size [mm] : 7, 10, 13
  • Rated current 10A
  • Rated voltage AC/DC 125V
  • Locking mechanism: Bayonet
  • Termination AWG: 16-26
  • Shell materials: Metal
  • Number of contacts: 3, 4, 6, 11, 12, 20
  • Operating temperature range [°C] : -25 to +85
  • Mating cycles: 1000
  • Termination type: Solder, Crimp
  • Contact plating specification: Gold


Suitable applications are machine tools, measuring equipment, sensors, security cameras, servo motors, base transmission stations, FA robots, medical equipment, LED lighting and many other applications.



HIROSE Electric Co., Ltd is a world-class Japanese manufacturer of high-quality connectors. Established in 1937, HIROSE uses advanced engineering services, excellent customer service, and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide technically advanced connector solutions for many industries including industrial, automotive, consumer, testing, broadcasting, and telecommunications.


Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.


Heikki Heinonen

Product Manager
Connectors & Cable Assemblies 
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