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Coming Up: Hey, we are gluing! -theme day

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Gluing day 2.3.2023

Elgood / Partco is having a day for gluing on Thursday 2.3.2023 at our showroom in Vantaa. We want to show and discuss about latest glue technologies and benefits in use from Bostik, Dymax and Elantas. The purpose for this day is to have open conversation about the differences between different chemistries and which ones are suitable for certain materials.


1K vs 2K vs UV vs Cyano – which one is the best

Before really knowing and understanding the needs of the application and materials it’s very difficult to justify any adhesive being the best one. You may also find some adhesives being good in use both but in the gluing process can cause a headache. Fast curing is nice to have for example but how will you handle the process if it cures too fast? On the other hand if too many pieces have to stay in warehouse waiting to be cured after time can be an issue too. It’s always good to talk with professional people first and that way be more successful in the whole process.

We want to welcome you to discuss further about the gluing and adhesives at our showroom. See you there.

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.

Timo Torvikoski

Product Manager
Dispensing, chemicals and raw cables
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