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Improve dispensing quality with the hottest tools on the market


Manually or professionally?

The key of professional dispensing is to understand your fluid. One important factor is viscosity but unfortunately that one factor won’t tell the whole story. Data sheets can be very limited and many essential things may be missing. That’s why we will ask questions.

For decades Nordson has been the world leader in dispensing. They have developed numerous new technologies around this field and renewing the good and old to meet todays requirements. Fluid are developing all the time to be more efficient, easier to handle, better for environment etc. For these reasons more and more companies are involved with automated dispensing. It will increase productivity, quality and will reduce faulty units. With the latest technology the dose size can be as small as nano litres or even below that.

In Modern production there are several types of robots doing different tasks like moving the dispense head, camera system, other kind of tooling. Depending on a robot the biggest and most expensive is not always the best one. But how about the smallest and most precise one?

Mecademic is manufacturing the smallest and most precise 6-axis robots in the world. They also just announced the brand new mini Scara unit for the market. These robots can repeat actions within few mikrons.

We are here for you

Combining the robotics with dispensing solutions is our daily business. Elgood offers many kinds of demos and trials for your materials in our demo room. We are here to help you to make better products. 

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.

Timo Torvikoski

Product Manager
Dispensing, chemicals and raw cables
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