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The most powerful relay Finder has ever made! 

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We introduce You the 68 Series 100A power relays, designed for PCB mounting, ideal for installation in EV charging stations or applications where high switching power is required.

Finder 68 Series includes devices for use in electric charging stations up to 55 kW, in the design and manufacture of inverters, battery chargers, current generators and renewable energy installations.

The 68 Series relays boast low power consumption and a holding power of only 0.7 W.

Finder 68 Solar

68 Series features and applications

68.22 Features:

  • 2 NO contacts rated 100 A
  • Rated current (AC1) 40000 VA
  • Ambient temperature up to 85 °C

68.25 Features:

  • 4 NO contacts rated 40 A
  • Signal contact 1 NC rated 3 A
  • Rated current (AC1) 16000 VA
  • Ambient temperature up to 85 °C


  • EV charging stations
  • Inverters
  • Battery chargers
  • Back-up generators
  • Power applications
  • Lifts and elevators
  • Pump control

Finder 68


Finder is a specialist manufacturer of over 14,500 different products for residential installations, building automation as well as energy management, industrial applications and automation, suitable for just about every requirement. With the partnership with Finder, we have a wide selection of relays to meet Your need. 

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.

Ari Yli-Harja

Key Account Manager
Telecom, switches and measurement
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