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HIROSE - NEW BM46 Micro-RF, Board-to-Board Connector /
X.FL Ultra Miniature Coaxial Connector  

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BM46 Series, Small 2.0 mm width, Pitch 0.35 mm, Stacking height 0.6 mm, Space-saving Micro-RF, Board-to-Board Connector

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd., a world-class manufacturer of innovative connector solutions has released its BM46 Board-to-Board connectors as a solution for customers seeking high performance, compact size, and retention security.

 BM46BM46 MetalGuideImage

Recognized as a 2020 CES honouree award, the BM46 connector range is one of the smallest connectors in its class. The pitch is only 0.35 mm, with a narrow width of 2.0 mm. The ultra-low parallel stack height is 0.6 mm, with a contact design ideal for both high speed digital transmission and RF signal.

Featuring a 0.3 A current rating, small footprint and positive latch, Hirose has developed a comprehensive terminal solution for design engineers working on space-constrained applications. Hence providing more possibilities for additional components on an FPC and increasing functionality.

The design of the centre shield for noise prevention and RF signal assignment between opposing rows enables flexibility in the pin assignment. In addition, it’s metal-to-metal contact and guide design reduces the risk of damage to the connector if misaligned during mating. Moreover, it has a feature to mate with a positive click and a tactile sensation to confirm correct and complete mating.

Hirose BM46 connectors are suitable a variety of applications utilizing 5G or IoT (Internet of Things) technologies such as smart phones, notebook pc, tablet pc, wearable devices, mobile router, Wi-Fi access point and many others.

Key Features

  • Contact pitch: 0.35 mm
  • Mated height: 0.6 mm
  • Rated current: 0.3 A
  • Rated voltage: 30 V AC/DC
  • V.S.W.R
    • 1.3 or less (DC to 3 GHz)
    • 1.4 or less (3 to 6 GHz)
    • 1.6 or less (6 to 12 GHz)
  • Characteristic Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Operating temperature: -55° C to +85° C
  • Number of contacts: 12
  • Mating cycles: 10

For more informaton about BM46 Series, please click here


X.FL Series, 0.94 mm Mated Height, Supporting up to 12GHz, Space-saving Ultra Miniature Coaxial Connector 

HIROSE has released its X.FL coaxial wire-to-board and board-to-board series. 

X FL 1

The X.FL ultra-miniature coaxial connector wire-to-board versions offer a low height profile of 0.94 mm (with a variation height of up to 1.3 mm max.), offering high performance to meet requirements of different miniature devices supporting up to 12GHz and making them ideal for small, hand-held wireless devices.

The X.FL board-to-board version offers a more streamlined solution with vertical mounting to allow a parallel board-to-board or FPC-to-board connection with a low stacking height profile of 0.95 mm max. With this compact height profile, X.FL positioning on the PCB is flexible and additionally it enables the accommodation of more components on the same PCB in surrounding space to enhance the application performance and features.

Although Hirose’s X.FL series are miniature connectors with a small mounting space, the frequency characteristics have been dramatically enhanced by reducing the diameter of the male receptacle contact and optimizing the internal design of the plug. Moreover, the applicable cable of ⌀1.13 mm is very thin and flexible, making it easy to route inside devices. The receptacle requires a footprint of only 3.4 mm², which is the same footprint as Hirose’s W.FL and W.FL2 series. In addition, the same land patterns can be used.

The cable mounted plugs use ultra-fine fluorinated resin insulated cable to guarantee secure and stable connection. Different cable diameters are available in single or double-ended cable lengths. Also, with the use of ultra-fine coaxial (fluorinated resin insulated) cables on these connectors offer the ability to complete the connections in small confined spaces with a smooth, easy operation. This product is available in embossed packaging; this allows the plug and receptacles to be automatically mounted.

Although compact and lightweight the X.FL can handle high transmission speeds which is suitable for a wide range of miniature devices using wireless communication modules, wireless LAN, GPS and Bluetooth.


Key Features 

  • Characteristic impedance: 50Ω
  • Operating temperature: -40° C to +90° C
  • Mating cycles: 20
  • Mated height: 0.94 mm, 0.95 mm, 1.2mm
  • V.S.W.R.:
    • Plug (Ø0.81 cable)
      • 1.3 or less (DC to 3 GHz)
      • 1.4 or less (3 to 6 GHZ)
      • 1.6 or less (6 to 8 GHZ)
    • Plug (Ø0.50 cable)
      • 1.3 or less (DC to 3 GHz)
      • 1.4 or less (3 to 6 GHz)
      • 1.5 or less (6 to 8 GHz)
    • Plug (Ø0.64 cable)
      • 1.3 or less (DC to 3GHz)
      • 1.4 or less (3 to 6 GHz)
      • 1.5 or less (6 to 9 GHz)
      • 1.6 or less (9 to 12 GHz)
    • Plug, Low loss (Ø1.13 cable)
      • 1.3 or less (DC to 3 GHz)
      • 1.4 or less (3 to 6 GHz)
      • 1.6 or less (6 to 8 GHz)
      • 1.7 or less ( 6 to 12GHz)
    • Plug, Receptacle
      • 1.3 or less (DC to 3GHz)
      • 1.5 or less (3 to 6 GHz)

For more informaton about X.FL Series, please click here



HIROSE Electric Co., Ltd is a world-class Japanese manufacturer of high-quality connectors. Established in 1937, HIROSE uses advanced engineering services, excellent customer service, and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide technically advanced connector solutions for many industries including industrial, automotive, consumer, testing, broadcasting, and telecommunications.


Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.


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