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  cassette cleaner   

Good quality fiber optic connection

TC-25 Fiber Clean Cassette is for ferrule cleaning, as essential and low cost clean tool to maintain good quality of fiber optic connection. TC-25 is made of fine high tense cloth fiber and are refillable to save your cost. TC-25 Clean Cassette is the best non-alcohol cleaning method for various fiber optic terminations such as SC, FC, MU, LC, ST, D4, DIN etc.

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  • Special non-alcohol superfine fiber
  • Well handled and anti-static
  • Friendly using efficient cleaning
  • Easy to replace the tape and there is no pollution
  • Cleaning time: 500+
  • Level of cleaning is 100
  • Applications: SC, FC, ST, MU, LC, MPO, MTRJ (w/o pins)
  • Dimension: 115*79*32mm

 How to use it

tc25 instruction


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Ari Yli-Harja
Key Account Manager

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