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ATTEND - Nano-SIM Socket

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New Nano-SIM socket – Tray push-push type 115U-A101

Attend has introduced the novel ATTEND Nano SIM Card Socket Tray Push-Push type, featuring the most cutting-edge tray design, which has high durability function and applies for various devices.

The tray is specifically-designed for Tray Lock function and can prevent card loss when the tray pops out the card slot.

nano both
In the nutshell its unique features:

• Cutting-edge tray push-push design.
• Robust against vibration with high Tray retention.
• Dust-proof feature.
• An elongated card ejection length which Is easy operates.
• Keep tray edge 2mm exposed space for panel or casing design.
• Tray can be customized (Change color or more exposed space...)

Order Nano SIM socket samples from here

Order Card trag for Nano SIM card socket push/push samples from here



New Nano-SIM socket – Hinge type 115V-AD00

ATTEND introduces the hinge Type Nano-SIM socket, featuring on high durability and industry-leading stable design, with a wide range operating temperature from -40°C to 105°C. It's a perfect solution for the intelligent transportation system, in-vehicle computer, and infrastructure for commercial loT.

• Nano SIM card holder bump design.
• Wide-range operating temperature from -40°C to 10.5°C.
• Certified with EN/IEC 60721 vehicle environmental conditions

Order Hinge Type Nano SIM socket samples from here

115v ad00

Please don't hesitate to contact our sales team. We will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.


Heikki Heinonen

Product Manager
Connectors & Cable Assemblies 
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