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HIROSE HVH-280 and ZE05 Series Connectors

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HVH-280 Series, Low Profile, up to 125°C Heat Resistant, Robust, Power Connectors


HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer in connectors, has introduced the HVH-280 series power connectors for automotive applications. 

 Hirose HVH 280 waterproofHirose HVH 280 nonwaterproof 01 01

The HVH-280 series are low profile connectors with a 3-point high pressure female contact design that enables a high current capacity of 30A. There are two versions available which are waterproof or non-waterproof.

The series is designed with heat resistant materials to withstand severe temperature environments; the non-waterproof version can withstand temperature ranges up to 125°C and 120°C for the waterproof version. With this heat resistance capability the connector satisfies the needs of severe automotive requirements.

Along with heat resistance, the HVH-280 series includes features which allow a reliable insertion of the contact and the provision of strong vibration resistance. The non-waterproof version is equipped with a retainer which ensures that the contacts are correctly assembled into the connector housing. The waterproof version comes with a CPA (Connector Position Assurance) which makes an accidental unmating of the connector impossible. Only by intentional activating of this CPA with a tool like e.g. a screwdriver, the main locking mechanism will be operational again.

Key Features

  • Contact positions:
    • Non-waterproof: 3
    • Waterproof: 2 Power | 2 Signal
  • Pitch:
    • Waterproof: 9.5mm
    • Non-waterproof: 6.5mm
  • Rated current: 30A
  • Rated voltage: AC|DC 600V
  • Cable size: AWG 12-14
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 125°C (120°C waterproof version)
  • Mating cycle: 30
  • Finger protection: JIS C 0920 standard (waterproof version only)

Suitable applications are converters, inverters, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heaters, on-board charger, distribution boards and robot controller units.

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For more informaton about HVH-280 Series (waterproof), please click here 


ZE05 Series, Robust, 2 mm Pitch, 125 °C Heat Resistance Wire-to-Board Connector

 Hirose ZE05

HIROSE Electric Co. Ltd, a world-class manufacturer in connectors, has introduced the ZE05 series of wire-to-board connectors for automotive applications. 

The ZE05 is a miniature low profile and robust connector designed with a pitch of 2 mm, which allows for maximum space saving on the board, reducing the mounting area needed.

The ZE05 series is polarized to ensure correct insertion of the mating half. In addition, the ZE05 series uses tin plating and can withstand temperature ranges of up to 125 °C. with this heat resistance capability, the connector satisfies the needs of severe automotive requirements.

ZE05 is available with right angle or straight receptacles to give design flexibility. Both receptacles feature surface mount contacts with metal fittings in DIP solder or surface mount to provide a strong retention force of the connector to the board to ensure high reliability. The plugs use AWG20 – AWG22 size crimp contacts.

Additionally, the ZE05 housing incorporates an integral rib design which reduces the clearance space between mated parts, that helps in enhancing vibration isolation to ensure a continuous and reliable connection .

Furthermore, retainers are available and as a result a higher retention force can be achieved.

Suitable applications include battery management system, monitoring sensors, engine compartment devices, heavy duty vehicles, electronic control unit, on-board charge unit, inverters, robotic automation devices, and various automotive electronic control unit communication system.    

Key Features

  • Number of contacts: 2, 4, (single row)
  • Number of contacts: 8, 12 16, 20, 24 (double row)
  • Pitch: 2 mm
  • Rated current: 5 A (for one contact)/ 2 A (all contacts)
  • Rated voltage: AC 250 V
  • Operating temperature: -40 °C to +125 °C
  • Cable size: AWG20 – AWG22
  • Mating cycles: 30
  • Automotive standard compliant

For more informaton about ZE05 Series, please click here 



HIROSE Electric Co., Ltd is a world-class Japanese manufacturer of high-quality connectors. Established in 1937, HIROSE uses advanced engineering services, excellent customer service, and worldwide manufacturing capabilities to provide technically advanced connector solutions for many industries including industrial, automotive, consumer, testing, broadcasting, and telecommunications.


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