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Quectel & Joymax - 5G Is Here!

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It Is Time To Jump Into The Next Generation - 5G New Radio

It is estimated that mobile data traffic will grow exponentially in the coming years and 5G will be one solution for this challenge. Roughly in 2024, 25% of mobile data traffic will be carried by 5G networks.

5G main performance upgrades for 4G LTE radios are:

  • Massive Connectivity
    • 10 X higher connection density
    • 100 X better traffic capacity
  • Extremely High Data Rates
    • Up to 10Gbit/s
  • Ultra-Low Latency
    • 10 X faster end to end latency


Elgood represents Quectel in Finland and Baltics.

Quectel has already available commercial 5G modules. RG500Q and RM500Q modules are for Sub-6GHz radio systems and RG510Q and RM510 are for Sub-6GHz + mmWave systems.

Please click here for more information

quectel RG500Q

quectel RM500Q

Antenna Joymax FWX-6231SAXX, “Multi Band 5G Rubber Duck Antenna, Swivel type”

We offer perfect antenna solutions for 5G systems. We are happy to deliver specifications and samples for testing. Here is for example Multi Band 5G Rubber Duck Antenna, Swivel type’s basic data information.



If you would like to get more information please contact our sales team and let us help you to step into 5G world.


Petri Eilola
Product Manager

petri.eilola (at) elgood.fi
tel. +358 (0)40 6871 423



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