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Luminus UV LEDs for all demands

Luminus cover


Luminus in the nuttshell

Luminus is a U.S. based manufacturer of advanced LED Lighting Solutions. Pioneer of photonic crystals for LED projection technology and high brightness vertical thin film LED. Leadership in very-high-power density LEDs that enable exceptional focusing of light. Wholly-owned private subsidiary of San'anOptoelectronics. Luminus addresses the needs in many different application areas including architectural and urban, display and projection, horticulture and illumination. Luminus is a company that's focused on solving lighting problems, inside, outside, for living and for working.

● Ideal solid state sources for 3D printing, fiber coupling and other etendue limited applications
● Integrated Chip-On-Board design for ease of system integration and optimum cooling.
● Ultra-high Watts/mm2 from high current operation maximizes performance in curing and industrial applications.
● Medical & industrial grade products with minimal product changes to support multi-year life-cycle of medical instruments.


 Luminus nutshell


Elgood offers Luminus UV-A and UV-C LEDs even for disinfection of viruses

Luminus UV-A and UV-C LEDs are ultra high-power and designed for demanding industrial, 3D Printing, curing, and healthcare and medical applications. A complete portfolio of multiple wavelength options, package options including SMT and Coreboard, and a power options from 3W to over 30 W of output power make Luminus UV LEDs the first choice for ultraviolet applications.
Features & Benefits

● UV-A wavelengths: 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, 405nm and 420nm
● UV-C wavelength: 280nm
● UV-C disinfection power up to 60 mW
● Power options from 3mW to over 30W
● Low profile un-encapsulated die, packaged encapsulated emitters and modules
● High conductivity copper coreboard and ceramic packages
● Superior thermal management
● High power density >20W/cm2

Luminus UV-C disinfection and strilization: Luminus UV-C 1313 and 3535 280nm devices. Please click here for more information.
With highpower LEDs, thermal management is also very crucial part. Elgood have also very wide and high quality selection of thermal materials and cooling systems. We can also support You with optics if project have such a demand. Please see our full product range here.
For more information about Luminus UV LEDs / Luminus ultraviolet products, please click here.

For more information about Luminus UV-C LEDs for disinfection and sterilization, please click here.


Please contact our sales team and we will help you to find the right solutions for your purposes.


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LED, Thermal management, 
Power supplies, Mechanics 
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