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NEW DYMAX All-In-One UV-LED Curing Lamp

 Dymax UV Allinone UV LED Curing Lamp  

All-In-One, High-Intensity System for Quiet, Efficient LED Curing

CE Marked – Available Globally

The BlueWave® AX-550 is a LED-curing system that combines a controller, emitter, and power supply into a compact, all-in-one design. Eliminating the need for a large, traditional-style controller, this unit has a greatly reduced footprint and is easily integrated into Dymax and other conveyor systems. The emitters are detachable, and the system is field-upgradable by customers so they can switch to another wavelength or upgrade to a more powerful emitter as improved LED die become available.

The AX-550 curing system also features an easy-to-navigate user interface with push-button controls. Units can be password protected to limit access to only authorized users and protect process parameters.


Systems Features & Benefits

Field Upgradable Emitters

  • Enable quick change out of emitters for optimization of application-specific frequency emissions without the need to purchase additional controllers or return or upgrade the entire unit
  • Existing units can be quickly upgraded as new emitter frequency and higher power level models become available
  • Provide flexibility to meet changing application requirements
  Dymax systems 

Standard SD Card Access Port

  • User firmware upgrades can be completed without the need to return the units
  • Allows for quick upgrade to latest performance parameters and firmware
   Dymax sd card

Improved User Interface with Rotary Push-Button Control

  • Simple, easy-to-navigate controls
  • Provides system status and troubleshooting
  • Intuitive, menu-driven programming and operation


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Product Manager
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