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Elgood Oy offers now wide variety of resistors for several different applications

 Danotherm tehovastukset  


Our supplier Danotherm is specialized to power resistors: 

Aluminium housed brake resistors are excellent for pulse use, compact, easy to install, and has very good properties against vibration. Also available on IP65 protection.

Effective steel grid resistors for brake, start, neutral earthing and traction.

Liquid cooled resistors, small size, high overload capability and available for high power level.

Round and flat oval shape ceramic resistors for several applications.

We help you to select power- and brake-resistor that fills your demand best way.

Danotherm can make simulation according your specific brake cycle, to make sure you get best solution to your design.  

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ATE-Electronics is member of Danotherm group, and offers you: 

Ate electronics kuva
  • Resistors for heat-sink assembly, starting from 10W
  • Thick-film resistors up to 600 W power.
  • Resistors for heating and drying.

Hi Tech Resistors, HTR offers full spectrum of resistor technologies along with custom engineered solutions 

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  • Axial resistors for pcb assembly, up to 40 W power.
  • Low-ohmic power resistors for current sensing and measuring.
  • High-power SMD-resistors.

 PRC, Precision Resistors

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  • With special precision wire resistors, you can reach 0,005 % tolerance.

Susumu is specialized for very precise SMD resistors

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  • SMD thin-film resistors
  • Current measurement resistors
  • Resistor networks

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