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LED tuotteemme kattavat nykyään kaiken tarvittavan optiikasta draiveriin ja kaiken siltä väliltä

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Khatod REELENSES optics for mid power led                        Khatod Logo

The PLL2080xx Series – REELENSES – are single microlenses available as tape & reel packaging for automated
manufacturing processes typical of the most popular Pick and Place Machines for SMD Components. The PLL2080xx Series are designed to provide the correct positioning, alignment and gluing of the lenses  with the LEDs. The lenses do not need any special precaution for centering and gluing. The flat bottom  perfectly matches the corresponding sections on the PCB so helping a correct glue setting and sealing. When properly installed, the flat bottom of the lens should be in contact with the top of the PCB  to provide proper height alignment.







Check the video about REELENSES!



 L1V1230105S-25E - Engineered for Best Fixture Performance                              Fulham

Fulham LumoSeries drivers are all built on core engineering design principles for exceptional standards of performance and reliability in LED systems. Highest-grade critical components together with design features  for thermal management ensure excellent reliability. Our low ripple designs create flicker-free lighting and perfectly smooth dimming. Simplicity of specification and installation is a key characteristic of all Fulham LumoSeries drivers. Hence the wide voltage and current ranges and industry leading low inrush current.


 Product features
■ Wide output voltage range 3 - 43 Vdc
■ Wide range of current settings 100 – 1050 mA
■ Mains- (triac, trailing edge and leading edge) dimming
■ Zero ripple current
■ Automatic dim mode detection
■ Suitable for warm dimming (natural toning/ dim-to-warm) LEDs
■ Max inrush current 370 mA
■ Dual stage topology
■ Thermal protection: dimming instead of switching off
■ Open circuit output voltage protection
■ Up to 83 % efficiency across a wide range of loads
■ Power factor >0.9C
■ ENEC certified
■ Engineered and Manufactured in Europe

Certificates and standards
■ ENEC-02, CE
■ EN55015 / EN61000-3-2 / EN61347-2-13 / EN61347-1 / EN61547 / EN62384 / SELV


ELDOLED – Best dimming performance available in the markets 


Casambi compatible draivers:
eldoLED introduces Bluetooth low energy technology based radios, which connect to the eldoLED LED driver over a two-wire LEDcode2 interface and can run the Casambi application for wireless lighting control. In addition to enabling wireless lighting control today, the LEDcode BLE radio platform opens up future capabilities that require a wireless connection such as diagnostics, firmware updates and quality field reporting.

The collaboration between eldoLED and Casambi enables wireless LED lighting solutions that provide high-performance Quality of Light, that are easy to install and offer user friendly control. The quality of light provided by the eldoLED driver is maintained in these wireless dimming applications through Natural Dimming: smooth, dim to dark, adaptable dimming curves and levels, dynamic behavior and low, IEEE P1789 compliant flicker levels.

The wireless lighting control solution is controlled and powered over the LEDcode2 connection on the LED driver. This eliminates the complexity for the OEM customer of having to select a wide range of compatible components. The radio being outside the LED driver ensures robust signal strength and enables you to use the radio with all LEDcode2 compatible eldoLED drivers.    

The Casambi-ready LEDcode BLE radios come in three different form factors serving different applications:
• LEDcode BLE radio, Casambi-ready, with integrated antenna
• LEDcode BLE radio, Casambi-ready, with external antenna
• LEDcode BLE radio, Casambi-ready, for through-ceiling installation                                               



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