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E Ink – Display solution for low power applications

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We can see a trend that some applications require more and more low power solutions in the demanding environments. This combination could be a challenge for the display technology. Our partner E Ink is the originator, pioneer and commercial leader in ePaper (EPD) technology which is the perfect display solution for many low power applications. Here we want to highlight some of the main characteristics of the E Ink displays.

Bi-Stable - No power needed to hold an image

E Ink's technology is commonly referred to as "bistable". Bistability refers to the fact that an image on an E Ink screen will be retained even when all power sources are removed. Display is consuming power only when something is changing on the screen. This significantly reduces the display power consumption and it is perfect solution for very low power applications. E Ink EPD needs a fraction of the energy comparing to the traditional LCD display.

Comparison of 32” display power consumptionchart


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Reflective, sunlight readable

E Ink displays are referred to as reflective displays. In an E Ink display, no backlight is used. Ambient light from the environment is reflected from the surface of the display. E ink display is very suitable for high bright environment usage (direct sunlight). The more ambient lighting, the brighter the display looks. E Ink digital paper technology has also high contrast and wide viewing angles making it easily readable in a wide variety of conditions.

Outdoor performance comparison: LCD Display (Left), Eink Display (middle), traditional Paper (right)

display camparison

Rugged and bendable

E Ink displays are comprised of an ink layer laminated to a plastic film substrate. Depending on the application, Eink display may use a traditional glass-based TFT backplane, or plastic-based TFT. If using plastic base material Eink display is bendable, thin, light and very robust. E Ink also offers a simple segmented plastic backplane for character based displays.

wide viewing angles        rakenne


Colour evolution

Eink displays are available in different colour variations; black&white, 16 grayscale, 3-colour and full colour displays.

Color evolution

Please click here for more information of the E Ink portfolio E Ink │ We Make Surfaces Smarter.


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